Kikusui PLZ-4W Series

DC Electronic Load (CC/CV/CR/CP), 165W, 330W, 660W, and 1000W, – 0-V input, High-speed response supporting a maximum slew rate of 16A/µs

The PLZ-4W Series Electronic Load unit is a multifunctional system designed to offer the highest levels of reliability and safety with operation function of constant voltage, constant current, constant power and constant resistance mode.

The PLZ-4W series comes with GPIB, RS232C and USB as standard interface. It offers a 0V input operating voltage in two models (PLZ164WA, PLZ664WA) to meet the demands of testing Fuel Cell, DC/DC converters, SW Power Supply, and any other devices required for lower voltage operation.

The PLZ664WA has a 132A rating at 0V input – the highest in its class. In addition, the PLZ-4W features high slew rate for fast switching applications such as simulating load for automotive electronics testing or testing SW Power Supply manufacturers’ products.

To achieve large capacity at low costs, up to nine thousand watts can be expanded using the 2kW booster unit (PLZ2004WB).

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