Cinergia GE+

AC/DC Grid Simulator (GE+)

The GE+ vAC/DC Full is a regenerative, bidirectional power supply that allows you to test and research the operations of worldwide electrical grids, disturbances and harmonics generation, as well as power amplifiers. This device is a must in any lab for renewable energy sources (PV, WT, CHP), grid-connected devices, smart grids, batteries and electrical vehicles.

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Grid Simulators are power electronic devices that emulate AC electrical grids in both normal (voltage, frequency, phase angle…) and disturbed conditions (voltage dips, frequency, voltage fluctuations, flicker…) These powerful equipments are designed to generate voltage sources and set up different type of grids that allow the assessment of all type of scenarios.


Cinergia GE+ DataSheet

Key Features

  • Bidirectional and Regenerative
  • -Clean grid current: THDi < 3% and PF > 0.98
  • -Same power in DC and AC
  • -13 models from 7.5kW to 160kW
  • -Parallelization of units to increase the power
  • -Generation of Worldwide electrical grids: 3-phase/ 1-phase/ split phase/ Multichannel
  • -Independent phase configuration of: voltage rms, phase angle, frequency and harmonics
  • -Generation of disturbances: harmonics, interharmonics, subharmonics, voltage dips frequency variaton, flicker
  • -Disturbance Generation Editor compatible with IEC, LVRT, SEMI-F47, CBEMA test standards
  • -Intuitive User Interface
  • -Modbus/Ethernet Open protocol, Labview drivers