Battery Analyzer

The SI-9300R battery cycler is designed to test high-power batteries, fuel cells and electrolyzers at up to 10V/200A. Each channel performs the same basic function as a battery cycler but includes additional features that target developers in HEV, PHEV and eV Second Life applications. Up to five channels can be connected in parallel to enable tests up to 1000A.


SI-9300R battery analyzers are much more than standard battery cyclers. They offer a wide range of analytical capabilities including EIS per channel, as well as features like:

  • Scalable system with multiple cabinet options ( 42U & 24U ) which can be controlled and monitored via multiple PCs.
  • Regenerative power management with 5x space saving and 90% annual running cost saving over conventional systems.
  • Fast data acquisition speed of 1000s/s across all channels using patented Direct To Disk technology.
  • High resolution 24-bit converters detect small differences in cell behaviour at an earlier stage – saving test time – High Precision Coulometry (HPC).
  • EIS on all channels built-in (not multiplexed).


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