Adash A4910 Lubri

Monitoring and Control of Lubrication Process + Vibration Data Collector

Saves your bearings

  • assures that your bearing is well greased

Lubrication optimization

  • add only necessary amount of grease into a bearing

Data collector

  • measure, store and trend bearing and whole machine body vibrations

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Lubri measures the actual bearing vibration once the sensor is mounted on the bearing house. Keep pumping grease, and see if the vibration value decreases. Your bearings are well-greased when this value no longer decreases. Extend your bearings’ lifetime as simply as this!

The A4910 Lubri is a maintenance tool used for monitoring and control of the lubrication process. The A4910 Lubri measures the actual bearing lubrication status and informs the operator when the lubrication state is optimal. Application of the A4910 Lubri extends the bearing lifetime, saves lubricants and reduces downtime due to unnecessary replacement of bearings. Headphones can be connected to listen to the bearing condition. The A4910 Lubri is easy to operate, enabling you to perform basic measurements, diagnoses of bearing condition (including vibration analysis) and also store data for future reference.


Adash A4910 Lubri Datasheet