CK Technologies

CK Technologies, Inc. (CKT) was founded in 1987 by a group of engineers with many years experience designing and manufacturing interconnection test systems for the aerospace, printed circuit board and telecom industries. Cable / harness testing systems for the aerospace industry. These systems cover the entire spectrum of wired assembly testing – from the harness shop to the completed assembly, such as an entire aircraft. Software applications for automating the test data generation and test support processes. CKT has the software to completely manage the test engineering effort. Innovative interface connector systems for more efficient and cost effective test system to unit-under-test adaptation methods. An example is the CKT MAC interface system. Test Adapter Cable Design and manufacturing. CKT builds adaptation tooling including custom mating connectors, backshells and strain reliefs where need. Test Engineering Services – From test system architecture definition to test supervision, CKT has the tools and experience to assist your company with cable/harness test engineering services both remotely and on-site.
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